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Craft Docs is hiring a

Product Designer

EU - Remote

About Craft

At Craft we are on a mission at re-defining productivity through software. We are building products which are fun - and effortless to use. Software which blends in the background, allowing individuals to focus on their tasks at hand - as it should be. This sounds easier than it is - as to achieve this one has to excel in every area of engineering & product design - from blazing fast performance, polished interactions, low energy usage & real-time, offline first sync - it’s not an easy task to achieve.

We’re looking for individuals who share this vision - and are willing to go the extra mile in order to achieve this.

About the role

You’ll be working across iOS / iPadOS / MacOS / Web to define, design, and implement new features - or improvements to existing ones. You won’t be alone - but will be accompanied by some of the best designers in this field.

Currently our design team is still small - meaning you’ll be able to have huge impact on the overall direction of Craft - and shape the future together with our users, and other members of the team.

This also means this isn’t your “traditional” product designer role - you’ll be expected to widen your horizon - from understanding user needs, technical limitations, company strategy - it’s a complex task. We’re committed to enabling the same feature set across all form factors - meaning we’re pushing the boundaries of what responsive design works, and how it can be translated across screen sizes and input types.

Key responsibilities

  • See product development through from beginning to end. You’ll have a part to play in the whole process from research, through to ideation, iteration, testing, and refinement
  • Work alongside an inclusive, diverse team of engineers to get new products into the hands of our users and customers
  • Contribute to our visual language and design systems to ensure a consistent and beautiful experience when using the product
  • Engage with stakeholders across the business and relate to their goals and concerns
  • Build prototypes to test your assumptions and make sure our product is best placed to delight customers from day one
  • Conduct research with the understanding that you may often be proven wrong, with an aim to continually grow your capacity for empathy with our customers and colleagues

What we're looking for

We are looking for individuals who want to be at the bleeding edge of Product design. For most of the features we’re willing to build there just aren’t patterns out there we could efficiently take and implement - so innovative, out-of-the-box thinking is something you’ll need to use daily.

  • Excellence in visual design and styling. You understand the nuances of form, shape and structure. Equally, you fundamentally believe that good design is not just how things look but also work but that the beauty is in the blend of these two things.
  • Understanding of current and upcoming design trends. You are curious about a wide range of subjects related to cultural, fashion, marketing, art, architecture and product design.
  • Eye for detail. Our users use Craft a lot - so every minor imperfection or UX issue is amplified. You have to be able to spot even minor imperfections and propose effective solutions to these.
  • Collaborative mindset is key to ship your work. You care about shipping your work as much as the ideal version of your idea. You can work and collaborate alongside engineering to deliver your idea from concept to shipped feature.
  • Great Communicator. Communicating your ideas in the form of writing, sketches / mockups or prototypes will be the key way of working together with your team. You understand the importance of this, and have the necessary skills to do so.
  • You can ship. Shipping is an extremely important part of the culture at Craft - you should be effectively be able to support this - meaning you have diverse skillsets from generating wild ideas to bringing those - once agreed upon - to production ready designs.

Bonus points

  • Deep experience with both mobile and desktop platforms
  • Prototyping / coding (HTML/CSS or Swift) skills
  • You have strong visual design skills
  • Graphic design experience
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