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Bending Spoons is hiring a

Junior Product Designer



Your mission: Help design world-class digital products that are loved by millions of people.

Since launching in 2013, Bending Spoons has served around half a billion people across the globe through our suite of cutting-edge products, including Splice and 30 Day Fitness. Still, we’ve only just crossed the starting line on our mission to make an enduring positive impact on our customers, on our fellow Spooners, and on society at large.

We’re passionate about creating the most magnificent digital products around, and an app can’t be world-class if it’s not intuitive, polished, and excellently designed. To keep the bar high, we’re now looking to expand our Product Design team with a talented, creative, and collaborative designer.

A few examples of your responsibilities

  • Help shape outstanding user experiences and impact the success of our products by creating flawless UI and UX designs, from conceptualization to delivery. You’ll take a human-first approach to designing products, ensuring they delight users by being as effective as they are aesthetically pleasing.
  • Make use of prototyping tools to ensure your designs are intuitive, and to explore new, innovative, and intuitive ways of designing interactions and animations.
  • Work closely with product managers and software engineers to propose new features and improve the quality of both mobile and desktop apps.
  • Focus on user testing and research to ensure our customers are always at the core of our product designs.
  • Find, together with engineers, the most efficient trade-off between high-value solutions for users and the complexity of implementation.
  • Leverage usage data to evaluate the impact of your designs, and apply your learnings to the next iterations.
  • Ensure that brand standards are consistently met across all material.

What we look for

  • Drive. You’re energetic and hard-working, and you persevere through adversity until the job is done—and done impeccably. You’re massively into getting results, and always aim for excellence in what you do.
  • Passion. You love what you do, and your enthusiasm never wavers with the specifics of a given task or team. Whether you’re on a plane, train, or sofa, odds are that you’ll be found with your nose in a book or article on the subject.
  • A portfolio to show off. You’ve got a quality portfolio of original work, with at least one example of either mobile or web UX and UI. As long as your work is polished and organized, it doesn’t matter in which field you gained most of your experience.
  • Relevant knowledge. You don’t need to be a walking encyclopedia on the topic, but you do need to know your ABCs from your XYZs. A solid and ever-expanding knowledge base is a prerequisite—you spend a hearty portion of your time seeking to fill in the gaps in your understanding.
  • Accuracy and precision. Your attention to detail is spot-on, and you’re painstakingly accurate.
  • Reasoning and depth of learning. You’re structured and creative enough to solve most challenging problems independently, given the necessary knowledge. You learn new concepts and skills rapidly, and love to nerd out and go in-depth.
  • Common sense. Your judgment and intuition are sound and well grounded in reality.
  • Pragmatism. Far from being too academic or obsessive in your perfectionism, you understand that speed is often as important as quality when getting things done in a competitive world.
  • Humility. You’re down to earth, eager to listen to feedback and constructive criticism, and ready to support your team with whatever it needs to succeed.
  • Proficiency in English. You read, write, and speak proficiently in English.

What we offer

  • International reach. We’re a global company, and your work will have worldwide exposure.
  • Design for people, not clients. Here, there aren’t any clients doing backseat driving—we cater solely to our customers and users. That means you're free to unleash your creativity on the people whose opinions matter most: the product-loving public.
  • Unique career opportunity. By joining a fast-growing company on a mission to become one of the world's greatest, it’s an unparalleled opportunity to turbocharge your learning and career prospects.
  • The finest tools. You get the best hardware on the market and all the software you could need. We can't wait to introduce you to our high-tech approach and our cutting-edge workflows.
  • Flexibility and trust. From day one, you’ll be one of the team and fully trusted. No micromanagement or clipping your wings—just the freedom and responsibility to do great work.
  • People who lift up one another. We hire for talent and leave the ego at the door. You'll find a group of truly talented Spooners who are eager to teach their secrets and to learn. Reciprocal support and respect is everything—you’re unlikely to ever encounter a more harmonious crew.
  • Continuous education. Spooners get unlimited backing for learning investments, including Italian or English lessons and things like courses, conferences, and books. There’s no permission or approval process—you’re fully trusted to use the company’s resources efficiently.
  • Remote working. Spend as much or as little time in our Milan office as you choose. Many Spooners like to change up their environment and get out of the city whenever the mood strikes. You’ve always got the freedom to decide where today’s office is.
  • Flexible schedule. Our regular hours are 9-6 GMT+1, but this isn’t a “clock in, clock out” company. You’re fully trusted to create the right conditions for your own personal peak productivity. We only ask that you’re available to your teammates a good chunk of the day (six hours or so). That’s why it’s generally best to be based somewhere with a similar time zone—between GMT-2 and GMT+3.
  • Competitive salary and stock options. Our compensation packages are designed to attract and retain the best talent in the industry. The entry-level compensation package for this position includes a salary of €46,604, extra pay of €5,642, and a welfare bonus of €1,200. Compensation can grow rapidly as the individual accumulates experience and translates it into greater and greater impact. The individual can choose to receive part of their pay in equity at a discounted value, rather than in cash.

The selection process

If you successfully pass through our screening process, we’ll invite you to take on a few tests that assess how you approach and solve unfamiliar problems. If you’re successful there, we’ll invite you to take part in some interviews. We welcome applications in English and Italian.

Bending Spoons is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer. We consider for employment all applicants and we provide reasonable accommodations for candidates with disabilities, which can be requested at

Studies suggest that women tend not to apply for a job if their CV isn’t a perfect fit. Here, we look for talent and potential—not just experience and expertise. So if you like the role and think you could be awesome at it, go ahead and apply.